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                Research and development of embedded motherboard solutions in the financial industry
                Research and development of embedded motherboard solutions in the financial industry
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                The yanyue ipc and embedded motherboard are widely used in the financial industry, such as the self-service equipment of Banks (ATM, deposit machine, queuing machine, inquiry machine, etc.). The following examples show the application of the yanyue embedded motherboard in the financial management system for high-end customers of Banks:

                I. system overview

                Bank high-end customers is the most important customer resources, Banks, according to relevant research both at home and in Europe and the developed countries, the bank inside a 80% deposit is 20% of high-end customer contribution, the remaining 80% customer accounts for only 20% of the total amount of the deposit, all in accordance with internationally accepted "this principle", because 20% of high-end customers contributed money to the bank, the major source of "little" is favored all bank for these customers, often providing them with special VIP offices, and provide professional service of one-to-one wealth managers. Financial managers usually provide three types of services: the first is to provide consulting help to customers to buy financial products, including cash planning, consumer spending planning, education planning, risk management and insurance planning, tax planning, investment planning, retirement planning, property distribution and inheritance planning and other aspects; Second, consumer financial products, such as insurance sales to obtain commission, banking financial management is through the sale of banking or insurance products to obtain commission, which is a major source of income for financial managers; Third, it is to provide clients with the help of private equity funds, and then help clients to invest in stocks and real estate, and share the profits with clients, which is a high-end help. Banks in recommend these high-end customer financial products or private-equity activities also can obtain higher fees, management fees, according to a bank in Shanghai, Shanghai local alone the income reached 8 million yuan at the bank, bank of profitable, and because of that, the Banks for high-end customers financial business is very seriously.

                Ii. System description

                Each bank, through a special financial office, makes use of the high-end customer financial terminal equipment in the bank, and under the recommendation of the financial manager, guides the customer to purchase insurance, private equity fund, foreign exchange investment, customer financial management and other ways in an interactive way, so as to obtain the income of handling fee and management fee.

                System block diagram



                Iv. Product list and advantages

                1. Itx-b75v2na-3vga motherboard

                2. Intel I7-3770 CPU

                3.4G DDR3 1600MHz memory

                4.500 G SATA2 hard disk

                5. Cloud terminal (ARM9 motherboard, WINCE6.0 system, for a virtual terminal)

                6.KVM controller (through which account manager can switch two different or the same display screen)

                Two large 22-inch monitors


                1) MINIITX motherboard, rich interface types.

                2) the CPU supports the latest IVY BRIDGE CPU

                3) maximum 16G memory is supported

                4) support 3VGA three display functions

                5) integrated two 10/100/1000mbps Ethernet

                6) there are ten COM ports; Support 8 USB2.0 interfaces and 4 USB3.0 interfaces

                7) work temperature: 15 ℃ ~ 60 ℃; Storage temperature: - 20 ℃ ~ 75 ℃


                Five, the conclusion

                As the saying goes: you do not financial, financial ignore you. With the vigorous development of China's economy, modern people have an increasingly strong demand for wealth preservation and appreciation. More and more people will buy financial products and use more financial terminal devices. The yanxiang motherboard can run stably and reliably for a long time under all kinds of harsh environments, meeting the needs of bank customers for high-end financial terminal equipment and meeting the needs of bank financial product sales.

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